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Posted by: John Mattar Category: News & Stories

With the large selection of breeds, colors, products, and dog styles at DogLoverStore, it can be overwhelming at times when browsing for gifts. At DogLoverStore we are always trying to find new ways to make the shopping experience better for our customers. Efficiency and ease of searching is a priority to us when it comes to our website. We have recently added a power search tool that allows our customers to drill down specific characteristics for our products. You can filter based on dog breed, product type, and main color of the breed.

If you are simply searching for a specific breed, select the breed and click submit. All products that pertain to the breed you selected will appear. Product type filters by product categories, and main color will filter products that contain the majority of the color you select. You can also use the search box in combination with any filter. For instance, you could search the word “Sign” and filter the breed filter to “Yorkie”. This search would return all of our signs for the Yorkie/Yorkshire Terrier breed. You can view a screenshot of the power search here:

Power Search Products

If you have any suggestions on new filters we should add let us know what you are thinking!

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