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Posted by: Kim Mattar Category: Custom Painted Figurines & Ornaments

Many details go into a wedding. Often times, you make list upon list to ensure you don’t forget anyone or anything on your special day. Someone you wouldn’t want to forget on your wedding day? Your fur child! What is a fur child? It is your dog, who you love and adore beyond words. He or she is treated as if you birthed him or her yourself. Just like a human baby!

Your Fur Child

Many couples find it important to have their fur child included on their wedding day. They are a part of the family, after all. Some moments where you may choose to include your four-legged friend: wedding photos, on the wedding cake, walking down the aisle, wedding favors. In the summer of 2019, we took part in a Long Island, New York wedding. There were many extravagant details that made this wedding beautiful. It had the grand essence of a New York style wedding. But it also included heartfelt details and moments of an intimate wedding, some of which included their dog.

Touching Wedding Moments

Touching moments included a mother-son dance, a thank you speech from the groom, and a 15 minute story-telling-time by the best man. Most importantly, the day included the bride’s longtime companion and fur child, Molly the Cairn Terrier. Molly walked down the aisle in a pretty pink harness and a matching leash, adorned with a pink bow. She also took wedding photos with the group and she was featured on the bride and groom’s four tier wedding cake. The bride and groom’s cake topper sat on the top tier and Molly’s figurine stood two tiers lower, amongst edible frosted flowers and seashells.

Molly in the Wedding!

Custom Painted Dog Figurine as Wedding Cake Toppers

Cake toppers allow the bride and groom to express what is most important to them. If something or someone makes it onto the bride and groom’s wedding cake, often a focal point of the reception, you know they must have a major love for it! Another great feature about a cake topper is once the cake is gone, you get to keep the cake topper as a memento. It is something to treasure forever, long after your fur child has passed. They were a part of your special day and you’ll remember that forever if you decide to use one of our dog figurines as a cake topper.

We custom paint our figurines to match our customer’s dogs based on photos they submit. Customers like to use them as dog cake toppers, as seen below.

Custom Painted Wedding Dog Cake Toppers

*It is important to note: we custom paint these figurines and they are not tested to be food grade safe. We inform all of our customers to place a barrier between the figurine and the cake, if that’s how they decide to use it. This also protects the integrity of the figurine. Customers have used mini cake pedestals, decorative parchment paper, edible sugar bases and more, to create foundations for their figurine.

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