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Posted by: Kim Mattar Category: Custom Painted Figurines & Ornaments

As you may already know, at Dog Lover Store we offer a custom paint service where we custom paint our in stock figurines to look like our customer’s dogs. Our customers upload photos of their dog and we paint the figurines to match all the colors and markings of their dog. We often get asked what our best selling dog breed is, based on the products we sell. Although we do have our TOP selling breeds, like German Shepherd and Pug, these change from season to season and year to year so it’s hard to say. But what we can say is the Australian Shepherd is by FAR our most popular request for our custom painted dog figurines.

You can shop all of our dog figurines here: Dog Figurines

Below you can see a sampling of custom painted Australian Shepherd figurines that we have painted along with a sampling of photos that our customers have submitted of their Australian Shepherds.

Customer Supplied Pictures for Custom Painted Figurines

Custom Painted Australian Shepherd Figurines

Do you have a favorite? We like the brown/red merle and blue merle figurines. We also love to paint figurines of dogs that have two different color eyes. It’s a unique detail that we are able to include that really shows the attention to detail that our artists possess.

We’ll bet on a few reasons why the Australian Shepherd is our most popular custom painted figurine. For one, the Australian Shepherd is a very popular breed right now. Dog lovers from all over have fallen in love with this beautiful, friendly breed. They are known for being gentle and great with families. They are easy to love! Secondly, Australian Shepherds tend to have a huge variation in their coat coloring and markings. They come in 3 main colors: tricolor, red merle, and blue merle. But with any dog that has a merle coat or a coat with multiple colors, they are bound to have huge variation and unique markings. Because of this, it’s hard for people to find a “stock” figurine that looks exactly like their dog. Since they aren’t able to find a figurine that looks similar enough to their dog, they come to us to order a custom painted figurine.

Australian Shepherds can be a challenge to paint because we often have to blend multiple coats, mix custom colors, and include intricate details. But no worries, it’s a challenge we love and accept with open arms, or should we say open paint bottles. Any process that can be time consuming is usually one that is truly worthwhile. Our customers contact us in tears expressing the love for their figurine and how we recreated and captured their beloved dog. Now that’s a mission: accomplished!

You can find our figurines here: Australian Shepherd Figurine – Blue
Australian Shepherd Figurine – Brown
Australian Shepherd Figurine – Tri-Color

Comments (6)

  • Lillian Igel Reply

    How much are these figurines, what is their size? What is the time to recieve once ordered?

    Do you ship to Canada?

    Please advise…..I would like one as a 50th birthday gift in August of this year.

    June 6, 2019 at 9:26 am
  • Dana Reply

    Can you order them unpainted?

    December 3, 2020 at 4:28 pm
    • Kimberly Mattar Reply

      Hi Dana,

      Thanks for contacting Dog Lover Store. I am sorry but we cannot provide any of our figurines unpainted. We can paint them a solid white if you want or any other solid color of your choosing though.

      All the best!

      December 4, 2020 at 9:31 am
  • Jerry Hampton Reply

    Nubbs, my beloved Australian Shepherd died of heart failure on 12/7/2020. He was only 10 years old. I rescued him 6 years ago from his previous owner that had him tied to a 10″ chain for the first 4 years of his life. Nubbs was never walked and received almost no human contact except for when he was fed once a day. When I decided to move to the country I took him with me because his owner didn’t want him. Nubbs was finally free living on a farm never to be tied to a rope again.

    It is very difficult accepting the fact that Nubbs is no longer with me. We connected on a level I can’t describe. I was closer to Nubbs than any other human being or animal that ever crossed my path in 64 years of life. He truly was a special soul and touched me in a profound way. Morning walks without him are now unbearable. He carefully watched over me and was always near. We went everywhere together.

    I need a custom figurine of Nubbs to set beside his ashes . Can you do this for me before Christmas?

    December 10, 2020 at 12:52 pm
    • Kimberly Mattar Reply

      Hello Jerry.

      Thank you for reaching out to us, we would love the opportunity to paint a custom Australian Shepherd figurine for you. It sounds like Nubbs was a very special dog. While we can create a custom painted Australian Shepherd figurine for you, it won’t be able to be completed before Christmas. Right now our artists are looking at about a 4 week lead time to custom paint a figurine. So we would not be able to complete the figurine for you until some time in January. If you would still like one made, view one of these 3 products:

      Australian Shepherd Figurine – Blue
      Australian Shepherd Figurine – Brown
      Australian Shepherd Figurine – Tri-Color

      … click the “Browse” buttons to upload pictures of Nubbs, then checkout on our site. After that, we will use those images you supplied to custom paint the figurine and will be in touch with you in the coming weeks as progress is made on your figurine.

      All the best to you Jerry!

      December 11, 2020 at 8:44 am

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