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Who doesn’t love some fun and games!? This is the first part of our 3 part series of dog lover games! Number 1 will be a word search, number 2 will be a (Spoiler Alert: Answers to this puzzle located in the following link) crossword puzzle, and number 3 (now completed) is a picture search puzzle. If you have any other fun puzzle game suggestions for us, let us know!

These are great to print out for your kids to do on a rainy day and they are awesome to consume time on road trips or while traveling.

Word search puzzles are fun and easy, any reading age can enjoy them! The best part is that our word search is about our best friends – dogs! If you are leaving your dog behind while vacationing this could be a great activity for your child to do to keep a fun thoughts of your dog in mind.

All you have to do for a word search puzzle is find the words in the puzzle that are listed in the word bank. Check or cross off each word as you find them. Circle or put a line through each word in the puzzle. To make this game last even longer, you or your child can draw each word on the side of the puzzle after you find them. Did you find the word “leash”? Draw a leash!

You can click the puzzle below to view the image. Then print the image right from your browser and you are on your way to solving the dog word search!

Have fun dog lovers!

Dog Word Search Puzzle

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