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Get organized in the new year! It’s easier than you think! Take small, consistent steps. As a result, you won’t become overwhelmed. Consistency helps you achieve organization, and then stay organized throughout the year.

Here are our top 5 tips to get, and stay, organized this year.

Dog Lovers Steps to Organize Your Life

  1. Make lists:
  2. Organize your brain with lists! Disorganization is in our heads. Too much is going on, thus we have too much to remember. Lists help you remember important dates, events, and items. Getting things on paper helps clear your head, which will give you mental capacity to create a clear environment. Pick up a fun notebook or list pad, along with a nice pen to get started on your list making!

  3. Plan ahead:
  4. A clear head helps you plan ahead. Sitting down to make a list provides mental space to take a moment and think ahead. What groceries do you need for the week? Whose birthdays are coming up? What bills or deadlines are soon? Planning ahead makes you more prepared, thus more organized.

  5. Label items:
  6. Labeling items gives clear visuals of what goes where. This way, everything has its place and is returned to its place after use. In addition, this allows you to know what’s where without having to dig through an entire bin or bag to find it. When you need it, you won’t be wasting time trying to find it. Wasting time causes rushing and rushing causes things not to be, or stay, organized. Pick up some of our stickers to label items, like bins with your dog’s toys or medicine.

  7. Clear clutter:
  8. Clutter creates a cluttered mind. We need a clear mind to have an organized life. Our physical environment greatly impacts our mental environment. Clearing clutter can be achieved by putting items back in their place. If they don’t have a place, create one. If you can’t create one, perhaps the item no longer serves you. Donate or dispose of items that don’t bring you joy or serve a function. Pick up some of our totes to place all of your gym, gardening, or winter necessities together until needed.

  9. Group items:
  10. Group similar items while clearing clutter. See what you own by placing alike items together. Therefore, preventing you from wasting money on buying more of what you don’t need. Also, when alike things are bundled, you don’t waste time looking in 5 different places around the house. They will all be together in one location making them easy to find saving you time. Pick up some of our zippered bags to put things like chapsticks, pens, batteries, etc all in one place.

Organizational Dog Gifts

Accomplish your organizational goals:

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