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Most of us like to implement a goal at the start of each year. It’s easy to set a goal but harder to implement one. A goal becomes attainable and sustainable when you put things into action. Make little changes to help in big ways. Organizing is one of these little changes. Organization is one of the main keys to success. Being organized will help you be more efficient, reliable, timely, and effective. It helps in endless ways!

Organized Zippered Dog Bags

An Easy Start to Get Organized

One of the quickest ways to implement organization is by clearing your most used spaces and putting your most used items in order. Your most used spaces may be your desk, car, purse, or bathroom. Most used items may be your writing tools, makeup, hand sanitizers or masks. Your kids may have taken over your entire house, which means you need to organize their most used items too, like their toys. Categorizing and organizing items will give everything its own place. Place smaller items inside bags and big items inside bins.

*PRO TIP: We recommend using clear bins so you can see what’s inside. We also recommend using zippered bags because they stay closed.*

How Zippered Bags Help You Get Organized & Stay Organized

Zippered bags will not only keep areas tidy and organized, they will also give you peace of mind because you’ll know exactly where to find each item when you need it. Below we provide a few examples of how to organize larger product groups into smaller groupings.

Let’s start with makeup. You may have a ton of makeup, which includes items like blush, brushes, balms, creams, glosses, mascaras and so on. Don’t store all these different items together. Instead, organize them into alike groups and store them separately. Put all face products together, like blush, foundation, concealer, and bronzer, in one bag. Then put all lip products together, like balms, lipsticks, glosses, and lip liners, in another bag.

Let’s try an example of organizing your kid’s toys. Instead of putting all of their toys in one big toy chest, try organizing similar toys together. For example, put all their Legos in one bag, building blocks in another, and markers and crayons in another. This helps toys stay organized and it also teaches your child the art of organization. Having smaller groups of accessible toys also makes play time more intentional. The child will only pull out the toys they plan to play with. When they are done, they put the toys back in the bag and then they can move on with a new toy or activity.

Types of Bags and Cute Designs

There’s a huge variety of zippered bags available but we love our dog bags because they are simply adorable! Why not make your organizing cute, too! You can assign certain designs to each family member. For example, you may choose pink bags for yourself, dog bags for your son, and fairy bags for your daughter. This will make the search easier for each person in your family. Be mindful of how much you have to organize before you purchase your bags. Bags are different sizes and have different capacities. Check measurements before ordering and get a good idea on what the bags or bins can hold. This is a great opportunity to implement your list making skills. List making has a ton of benefits. Check out our post on list making and notepads.

*PRO TIP: We recommend organizing all of your items and then purchasing your bags or bins accordingly. This way, you know how much stuff you have to organize and you can even donate or ditch items you don’t plan to keep.

    Quick 4 Step Guideline

  1. Clear your Most Used Spaces
  2. Select your Most Used Items
  3. Categorize Alike Items
  4. Select Organization Containers (Bags/Bins)

Shop all of our zippered bags and start getting organized today!

If you want to learn more healthy habits similar to getting organized, check out our post on journaling , the two essentials to success, and journaling prompt ideas.

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