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We are especially lucky, not only because we work with amazing customers who are dog lovers with huge hearts, but they are also super creative! There is nothing we love more than when they share their creative ideas and projects with us. offers custom painted figurines. Customers are able to upload photos of their dogs and choose the figurine that most looks like their breed. We then custom paint the figurine to look like the photos that they submit with their order. You can learn more about the custom figurine ordering process by visiting this link: Order Your Custom Painted Dog Figurine By Uploading Your Photos

Custom Dog Figurine Ideas

Over the years, our customers have used their custom dog figurines in countless ways. They have been used as cake toppers, memorial toppers, and tributes to lost pets, just to name a few. Sometimes, customers love their dogs so much that they want to have a replica of them where they spend the most time, like in their office.

One of our very special customers has ordered more than four custom painted figurines from us. Using three of the figurines she ordered, she created an adorable shadow box for her sister who is absolutely obsessed with her dogs. She chose the three figurines that most look like her sister’s dogs and then we custom painted them. You can view how she displayed the figurines in the shadow box in the photo below along with instructions on how to create your own.


She added a colorful and fun background along with little doggy signs and a dog lover quote. You can print out mini signs and pretty backgrounds right from your printer at home. She also matted some real life photos of the dogs and hung them behind the figurines inside the box. Alongside the figurines, she added tiny flowers in vases, dog bowls, and a dog toy to give a realistic setting. All three dogs will be cherished forever in this keepsake creation and remembered well beyond their years.

This type of project could be an excellent activity for any age. The best part about creating a shadow box is that you can put in as much or as little effort and time in as you would like. You could make this project last a couple hours or a few days. It all depends on how much detail you want to include.

What You’ll Need to Recreate This Project

  • shadow box
  • dog figurine(s)
  • photos of your dogs
  • scrapbook paper
  • scrapbook stickers
  • mini/dollhouse sized accessories (like the dog bowls)
  • Glue or tape to secure the dogs and accessories

We also sell mini dog figurines. Instead of fitting just 3 or 4 figurines in the box, you could fit 10 mini figurines! Plus, the mini figurines are less fragile compared to our medium size figurines, which would be better for unsteady or tiny hands.

Share Your Projects with Us!

Have fun making these shadow boxes and be sure to use your imagination. The ideas are endless! Share your creation with us by submitting your photo to or by tagging us on social media @dogloverstore

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