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It’s fun to get creatively crafty and make things homemade once in a while! Creativity is a great form of expression! It’s healthy for your mind and spirit. Plus, making things yourself is almost always cost effective. Saving money on gifts is especially important around the holiday season when budgets may get tight.

How to Make Floral Mugs

We’ve created a fun and easy tutorial on how to make your own beautiful floral mug. You don’t need a lot of materials. In fact, you likely already have the main piece at home in your cabinet: a mug! Mugs are versatile and most of us have an abundance of them. So grab your favorite mug and let’s get started!

We are going to give you step by step directions on how to create your own floral mug.


  1. A mug
  2. Floral stems
  3. Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks (or your favorite adhesive)
  4. Scissors
What You Need

Supplies You Need


  1. Choose a mug.
  2. Select your floral stems.
  3. Turn on your glue gun so it’s hot and ready (always use with caution).
  4. Hold your stems next to your mug to gauge proper heights.
  5. Trim your stems.
  6. Before using hot glue, arrange your stems in the mug to trial your design.
  7. Adjust, add, remove stems if needed.
  8. Take out each stem one by one. Add a bit of hot glue to the tip of each stem, slide into mug so it secures inside.
  9. Rotate your mug, make sure you like it from all angles. Add more stems if needed.
  10. Enjoy your DIY creation!

Instructions to Make Floral Mug

Final Product

Don’t forget to have fun, get creative! Maybe make your mug themed with the season. Or make two complimentary mugs that can be displayed side by side. The ideas are endless. Tag us @dogloverstore to show us your creations or submit a photo for us to share Send Email.

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