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Are you ever chit-chatting on the phone for a while with a notepad and pen or pencil in front of you? Suddenly you find yourself looking down at a random drawing of something you didn’t even realize you were doodling until you were all done. You’re a doodler! Studies have shown that doodling actually has a ton of benefits. It is shown to increase concentration, relieve stress, focus, and improve planning skills.

Our dog lover notepad sets are absolutely perfect for doodling! They are even more perfect to keep by your phone so you can take notes of things you need to do, people you need to call, or things you need to pick up. Studies show that people who make lists of things they need to get done are more likely to accomplish these tasks. To do lists help people stay on task and remember everything they have to get done. As they cross each item off their list, they feel accomplished and gain confidence to get even more done.

Dog List Pad Sets

By keeping an ongoing list of items you need to pick up at the store or the market, you’re more likely to save money while shopping. People who keep a list of items they need are more likely to stay on task while at the grocery store and not make unnecessary impulse buys. Our set of notepads come with a notepad that has a magnet on the back. This is great for placing the notepad on your refrigerator so you can make a grocery list of things you need to pick up at the store. Never go without milk, bread, or toilet paper again!

Notepads don’t only help you stay on task, they’re also perfect for writing school notes to the teacher, reminders to your husband, or even reminders to yourself:


  • “Don’t forget to take grab your lunch.”
  • “Remember your medicine.”
  • “Please feed the dog.”

Dog Notepad Sets

These are all important reminders that, if forgotten, can really throw a wrench in your day.

Use our notepads every day, multiple times a day, however they are most useful to you!

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