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Come play our Dog Edition of the This or That game!

This or That Dog Game

These questions are all about your dog! Which this or that answer most relates to your dog? Do they prefer to go to the park or do they have plenty of fun in your yard? Some days the answer may be different. That’s why these games are fun. Plus, they are silly and don’t require too much thinking or time. They are fast and allow others to get to know your dog quickly. This could be a fun game to fill out for a pet sitter or dog walker so they know just what your dog likes.

Above, we’ve provided a blank version for you to play. We’ve also filled out a game with answers for our beloved Teddy. In honor of him and his birthday in just two weeks, we circled the answers that we know are all Teddy.

Our Answers This or That Dog Game

Share the blank version as a post, pin, story, or fleet on your social media accounts so others can play along too! When it comes to games, sharing is caring. Then, circle your answers and share it again with your friends and family. Tag a friend, family member, or your favorite pup’s human so they can play as well.

Additionally, if you have more than one dog, you can play the game for each. We know every dog has a very specific personality. Some prefer belly rubs while others prefer a good pat on the head.

Tag us @dogloverstore or send us your answered games for us to share. Ultimately, just have fun with this!

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