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Our iron-on, embroidered patches quickly became one of our top selling products. Customers really love these patches for several reasons. The top reason being the detailing and coloring of these patches, which truly represents each breed so perfectly. Another reason why customers love these patches so much is because they are such a versatile product. These patches can be used on pillows, blankets, and sweatshirts, as shown in the photos. But, they can also be used on a ton of other items including: hats, backpacks, t-shirts, jeans, and more!

Dog Patch on Pillow

Dog Patch on Blanket

Dog Patch on Shirt

They are awesome for craft projects and any other imaginative purpose you can create. Customers also love these patches because the embroidery is high quality and the backing of these patches comes with an adhesive. You can use an iron to activate the adhesive and adhere the patch to whatever textile you desire. The adhesive back allows for ease-of-use because you don’t have to use a sewing machine or hand-stitch the patch on to use it.

Currently, we offer over 80 different breeds. As these patches continue to be popular, we will add a variety of colors to each breed. For example, we already offer a blonde Cocker Spaniel, but since this breed was so popular we decided to add a second color, which is a black Cocker Spaniel. We also offer a brownish red Dachshund and now we offer a black Dachshund as well. Please feel free to send us suggestions on new breeds that we may be able to carry, as well as new colors of the breeds that we already offer. We would also love for you to send us photos and ideas of where and how you would use these patches. You can write us at or through our contact form.

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