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Posted by: John Mattar Category: New Products

We are super excited to introduce this new line of dog patches! Why are we so excited, you may ask? Well here are our TOP 3 reasons why we are ecstatic about bringing these to all of you dog lovers…

Shiba Inu Dog Patch

  • #1 Reason:

    These embroidered patches are 100% handmade and they are handmade right here in the United States! Why is this our #1 reason? Well there’s a few things that we love about handmade items! Since handmade items are all made one by one by hand, it ensures that each item is unique. While the quality and the design will be consistent throughout all of them, you will know that each patch was individually handled with love and care. Plus, being made by hand means that we are supporting a small business. We were all “small” at some point, and supporting businesses and makers means we are also supporting their dreams! Why do we love the fact that these patches were made here in the United States? Well first off, we love to support our home country of course! But we also love the fact that we will have quicker access to restock these patches and make special orders for customers whenever they would like them. Being closer to our products naturally means we can get our hands on them faster!

  • #2 reason:

    These dog patches are all 100% embroidered and they are iron-on. Why is this so great? Well, being 100% embroidered ensures a high quality patch that will last for years to come. Slap that baby on a vest or hat and we are sure the hat will wear long before the patch ever does. We love the fact that these patches are iron-on because that makes them easier for anyone to love and use. Whenever a patch is not iron-on, it means that you (or someone you know) has to know how to sew, in order to sew the patch on. But since these are iron-on patches, all you will need is an iron (and know how to use the iron of course).

  • #3 reason:

    The HUGE breed variety that we are able to offer for these dog patches! We were able to stock over 80 different breeds. What does this mean? This means that chances are we will have a dog patch that looks like favorite your breed. From Afghan to Yorkie and 80 breeds in between, we have you covered!

  • To view all of our patches, click the Shina Inu patch image above or click the following link: Dog Patches

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  • mujertop Reply

    Thanks, I appreciated. This one worked.

    March 16, 2018 at 1:50 pm

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