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Posted by: Kim Mattar Category: New Products

At DogLoverStore we love to provide a huge selection of products at varying price points. We know that our customers have all different budgets and price ranges they need to follow, especially when buying gifts. Sure, we offer higher-end gifts which include garden stakes and weathervanes. But we also offer adorable and thoughtful gifts for under $10! Oftentimes, the best gifts are ones that are small and thoughtful. Many people don’t feel comfortable receiving big, expensive, fancy gifts. So if you are able to gift someone with something that shows you put some thought into it but you didn’t have to empty out your wallet, it can be equally, if not more, impactful.

One of our newest lines of affordable gifts is our dog shaped sticker line. This line is available in 15 different dog breeds. The stickers can be used on a variety of surfaces. Place these stickers on laptops, binders, notebooks, water bottles, dog crates and carriers, and more. Some of the greatest gifts allow for expression and creativity for your gift recipient. These stickers are in the shape of your favorite dog breed and at the bottom it says “I LOVE MY {dog breed}”.

DogLoverStore is now offering free shipping on all orders that are shipped within the United States. These stickers are priced at just $9.50, with free shipping. You can’t beat that price! The best part is, we also offer drop shipping for free. So this means you can buy a sticker for $9.50 and have it shipped for free directly to your gift recipient. Whether you are right next door or across the country, you can have a thoughtful gift sent to your friend for under $10.

You can’t put a price love and connection. “Thinking of you” gifts are some of the most special gifts one will receive during their lifetime. Yes, it is always great to receive gifts during holidays or a special birthday gift. But receiving a gift “just because” has that extra bit of joy sprinkled on top. Have a look at some samples below.

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