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Every parent knows what it is like to have bored kids. Hearing those dreaded words, “Mom, dad, I’m bored!” is simply the worst. Parents are always looking for new ways to keep their kids busy, but it can be hard. While trying to juggle work, dinner, cleaning the house, bills, and everything else that comes with life, parents need all the help they can get. Television, video games, and the internet, while helpful, doesn’t exercise the brain like good old fashioned puzzles.

One solution we have found to work quite well is brain games that are related to your kid’s interests. This is how we came up with puzzles geared around dogs. Because what kid doesn’t like dogs? We hope that our dog activities for kids and games will be a helpful resource for your kid’s boredom. You can find the different dog puzzles we offer below. Simply click the link you are interested in to view our blog post explaining the kid’s dog games and instructions on how to download/print the activity.

Also, we will be creating several new puzzles every month, so be sure to check back with us regularly and share with your friends!

Dog Crossword Puzzles

1.) Dog Lover Crossword Puzzle #1 – All About Dogs
2.) Dog Lover Crossword Puzzle #2 – Dog Cartoon Characters

Dog Picture Puzzles

1.) Dog Picture Puzzle – Summer #1

Dog Word Searches

1.) Dog Word Search #1

Dog Name Games

1.) Dog Name Game – Valentine’s Day #1
2.) Dog Name Game – Halloween #2
3.) Dog Name Game – Thanksgiving #3
4.) This or That Game #4

Coloring Pictures

1.) Coloring Images #1