Why Write about Dog Owner Gifts?

Every year family and friends ask us the same question: What are the top dog gifts this holiday season? It comes as no surprise to us since we are in the dog gifts industry. Each year we give our family the run down so they can find the best dog owner gifts for their friends. They always appreciate how we give them a quick summary, explaining the newest and most popular gifts available each year. We’ve decided it is time to offer an article discussing a variety of dog lover home decor. It will be a great resource for all dog lovers. We will update it every year to show off the top dog gifts!

Why Write About Dog Gifts?

Deciding what Type of Dog Owner Gift is Best!

With the range of gifts growing each and every year it can become difficult to decide which dog owner gifts are the right choice. The following table will go through a check list of how to decide which category to start with.

What kind of person is the dog owner? What is your Price Range? Dog owner gifts to browse:
1. The Wine Lover From $164.95 – $209.95 Wine Bottle Racks
2. Young at Heart From $5.25 – $33.95 Rhinestone Stickers Or Stuffed Animals
3. Loves to be Organized  From $4.99 – $8.75 Notepads Or Memo Boards
4. Loves to Garden  Up to $59.99 Outdoor Figurine Signs Or Outdoor Welcome Signs
5. The Homebody  From $9.99 – $54.99 Pillows & Blankets Or Socks
6. Loves to Collect  From $5.99 – $12.89 Dog Figurines Or Mini Dog Figurines
7. Proud to be a Dog Owner  From $4.99 to $6.49 House is Not a Home Signs Or Wooden Keychains

1.) Wine lovers rejoice! Dog owners rejoice! Joining together the love of dogs with your love of wine, our wine bottle racks make a great dog owner gifts. They are timeless pieces that will look great in your kitchen, dining room, or bar room. These wine racks are made of solid wood, finished with a beautiful stain, and features the head shot of your favorite dog breed.

2.) You don’t have to be young to be young at heart. Our rhinestone stickers and stuffed animals are fun gifts for children, as well as adults. Our stuffed animals are electronic, which brings them to life and provide hours of entertainment for kids and the elderly. The sparkle of our rhinestone stickers will jazz up any boring cell phone cover or laptop.

3.) Calling all organized individuals! These dog gifts will put a smile on your face. Our note pad sets come with a list pad, a mini note pad, and pencil. The set provides you with everything you need to organize your lists, thoughts, and to-dos for the day. These note pad gift sets are perfect for teachers who are dog owners. They also look great on your work desk or in your home office. Our memo boards provide a convenient and classy spot to write down your grocery needs. The neutral color scheme of our memo boards will be sure to match the home decor of any dog owner.

4.) Our figured dog breed signs and welcome signs will look great in any yard. We know how much pride gardeners take in their landscaping and these outdoor signs will compliment their hard work. Made of solid wood, our welcome signs will look great along the walkway to your front door. Our figured dog signs will look beautiful in your garden, and they will help scare away those critters who like to much on your produce!

5.) If you’re not a homebody then we bet you know somebody who is! When you think about this person you probably know they like to lounge around at home, watch a movie, and stay comfy and cozy. Our pillows, blankets, and socks will help your homebody feel right at…home!

6.) Have you ever walked into a dog owner’s home and saw a bunch of nick-knacks? You may think these items just increase the amount of time you have to dust, but others just love to collect! If you know a dog owner who is also a collector then our mini and medium sized figurines will be an awesome gift for them! Buy them their first figurine and they may decide to collect all 220+ breeds we have to offer!

7.) If you are buying a gift for a dog lover then chances are they are a proud dog owner. Although we believe all of our gifts and home decor show the love of a dog lover, there are a few products that boast a little more pride than others. Our “House is Not a Home” signs look beautiful in any home and show the true need to have a dog as part of your family. If you hate the idea of leaving behind your furry friend all day then you can pick up one of our wooden key chains to look at as a little reminder of your pup.

Of course the holidays are THE occasion to buy for ANY dog owner in your life – coworker, family, friend, babysitter, hair dresser. Dog lover decor makes a great gift during the holiday season. Our teacup ornaments, holiday coasters, scarf ornaments, and crystal glass ornaments all make excellent gifts for dog owners. Believe it or not, dog owner gifts can be one of the easiest items to buy.  All you need to know is the dog breed of your gift recipient and you will be able to check someone off your Christmas list!