Share your Personal Dog Experiences and Interactions

For a while now we have been trying to find a creative and exciting way to bring dog information to fellow dog lovers. These days, dog sites are accustomed to listing the same old boring facts about dogs like coloring, life expectancy, temperament, etc. which can be found anywhere. We thought we would switch it up a bit and create a collection of experiences and stories that our customers, family, and friends have had with their dogs. If you take pride in your dog breed and want to share, feel free to email us at Dog Lover Store Email with the breed, your dog’s name, and your personal experience. We hope to eventually have a collection of your articles for every pure breed dog. Mixed breeds are welcome as well. We have a section at the bottom for all mixed breed owners. We will be publishing your entries a couple times a week so check back regularly to see when your article makes the site!

Australian Shepherd

1.) Chris Harilel – 7/12/2011 – – I have a tri colored Australian Shepherd. He is predominantly black, with white and brown. He gets very excited when he meets new people and he is so friendly with strangers. He has never attacked or bitten anyone. He is calm around family unless you show you want to play or go for a run and then he will get very excited. Australian Shepherds are naturally a very hyper dog breed if they don’t get a lot of exercise. Often, if he is not provided with enough exercise, he will run off to seek some unguided running. While this is dangerous, he just doesn’t know any better so we have to go chase him down in our car because he is so fast.

He is very protective of family however he knows the difference between play fighting and when there is a serious attack. During play-fighting (friendly father-son wrestling) he might just bark or give warning. However during serious threats he is more apt to use force to protect his family.

My dog is a lot like other dogs, as he loves to be pet and loves to sleep, but, unlike some other breeds, he is easily trainable and respectful of his owners. He is a very smart dog and catches on to what he is supposed to do and not supposed to do very quickly, and he remembers. My dog is also very gentle with young kids and seems to recognize that he can’t be aggressive with them; he takes much abuse and does not retaliate.

I can clearly see that my dog seems to recognize and understand the chain of command in my house. For instance, he understands that what my Father demands is the law, and then he knows my Mother is “second in command”. Then, between me and my 2 brothers, he flip-flops his obedience based on experiences with them and how often he spends time with us.

Basset Hound

1.) Anonymous – 9/27/2011 – I have a seven-year old Basset Hound named Buster who we’ve had since he was a puppy. He’s about a foot tall, weighs 65 pounds, and has eight-inch-long ears. Basset Hounds usually come with a lot of personality, Buster especially. He sits on the arm of the couch and watches TV. He sleeps with his head on a pillow and can sit up on his hind legs. Buster is extremely afraid of water and refuses to go outside whenever it’s raining, forget about the beach. He’s terrified of vacuum cleaners, mops, and paper towels. Buster does not like the company of other dogs; running in the opposite direction and not making eye contact when he sees one.

Buster likes human food a lot more than people do. He will do just about anything to get a-hold of it. He sits next to me when we’re eating dinner, because he knows I always share. He will eat absolutely anything besides grapes; he can’t figure out what to do with them. Buster does not and will never play fetch. He sleeps a lot and has a tendency to snore loudly. His favorite foods are hamburgers and cheese. Buster wears a black leather collar with spikes on it to make him look tough but it doesn’t work. I highly recommend Basset Hounds as they have a ton of personality and are the best dogs to cuddle with.

Black Labrador

1.) Anonymous – 8/5/2011 – My lab is an exceptional dog! Lab’s are one of the most popular breeds for families to own and I know why-because they are such a great addition to the family. After I got my dog I started doing some research on labs to learn more about him. I learned a lot like: the Labrador’s ancestors originated from the islands of Newfoundland in the 16th century and labs were used to retrieve small game. Now, of course, labs are kept as house pets but they are often still used as field dogs, and hunting partners. Through the times that I’ve shared with my lab, I have felt him exude such gentleness, playfulness, and loyalty. He is extremely intelligent too, like many labs, which makes them great for all kinds of families, because they are so trainable. It’s unfortunate that labs are prone to hip dysplasia, like many large dogs. It’s so sad to see a dog limping around with his back legs dragging because of this disease. I have heard of certain supplements you can give to your dog to help prevent hip dysplasia and help promote joint health. My family would never want to see my dog in any pain so I think we are going to take a preventative measure and make sure he gets all his necessary nutrients so he has a long, happy, healthy life that he deserves!

2.) Beth Olson – 8/9/2011– We’ve owned 2 black labs in our lifetime. The love a lab has for the family is unconditional. They are devoted animals, and their love for you has no boundaries. No matter where you take them, walk, ride or swim, you can feel their happiness. Our love as a family to both our dogs, Lucy and Shelby, has been constant. No matter how busy, crazy or chaotic our household gets, we can count on them being there, always ready with a lick, a paw or just to lie down next to you. Our life is complete with the love these dogs have shown and there is no other animal for us, then our labs.

3.) Anonymous – 8/27/2011– My dog’s name is Cooper. He is a black lab and is 5 years old. He is very overweight for a dog his size.He is a fun but can be very obnoxious and crazy. Sometimes he runs around the house and eats all the pillows. Today, while my friends were over, he ate the food off my friends’ plates
while they weren’t looking. My friends aren’t the biggest fans of my dog because he is always barking, or eating their food! We got Cooper after my other dog passed away who we loved so much, so Cooper had big shoes to fill. We love Cooper too but we still miss my other dog.
At times it can be annoying because Cooper tends to require a lot of energy, as many dogs do.
My dog that passed away was much simpler than Cooper and was more self-sufficient.
Cooper isn’t all work and no play though. He loves attention and likes to play tug of war with anything he can get into his mouth. Although we miss our old dog, we love Cooper and we know he loves us. He is so protective of me and my family and he knows never to harm a friendly face.

4.) Anonymous – 9/7/2011 – I have a Black Labrador named Ruby. She is 4 years old and I got her for my birthday. She goes on a walk every morning with my mom when I get on the bus to go to school. She loves to lick our plates after supper and then play in the backyard. She has several dog friends that live on my street that she plays with often. My mom is able to let her outside on her own to play with the other dog friends in the neighborhood. When she is done playing she comes right back home on her own. Out of all of the dogs in the neighborhood there is one special dog named Chance. Ruby loves Chance, and always visits Chance before any other dogs in the neighborhood, it is the cutest thing! The first 4 years have been magical with Ruby and I wouldn’t change a thing. Because of the joy and companionship these dogs bring I think I will own a Black Lab all my life.


1.) Nolan – 8/14/2011 – Lucky is now almost 6 years old and weighs no more than 3 pounds. Originally she was less than one pound when we first got her and was an easy fit in one hand, she can still very easily fit in two. Although Lucky’s size isn’t great, that doesn’t stop her from barking or even the occasional nip of the ankles of a person she doesn’t know. She can be an aggressive little dog but when she gets comfortable enough with you she’ll just want to lay with you and protect you.

She more often than not tries to get you to feed her off your own dinner plate rather than eat out of her bowl. She wines until she finally manages some food from someone. One thing I’ve never understood with Lucky is why she chooses to sit in the sun until her tongue is hanging out of her head and she is panting wildly. Eventually when this happens we’ll always have to move her to the shade or inside or else she won’t move herself.

Other dogs, even calm ones won’t mess with Lucky. She remains on edge until the other dog is out of sight; this being the case, Lucky doesn’t have many friend dogs. My mom is the closest with Lucky because they spend the most time together at home. If Lucky is ever with my mom it’s nearly impossible to separate the two of them.

Even though I’m not Lucky’s “favorite” of the house, she is still a great dog and I am “lucky” to have her as part of my family.

2.) Kathy Bergeron – 8/18/2011– Lucky is my six year old female Applehead Chihuahua. I purchased her at a local pet store. She came with papers saying she is a Chihuahua from Texas. Because she is only 3.5 pounds, I think she could be considered a teacup Chihuahua. She is tan and has very soft fur. Her eyes are dark and bulging. She has large, bat-like ears and a long thin body. She only has four toenails on each paw. The veterinarian says that the fifth toenail was probably removed when she was just a few days old. He also said that the tails are usually cut, as well, at that same time. This was not the case with Lucky though. Lucky was spayed when she was about three months old. I had thought about breeding her, but learned that there could be many difficulties associated with her having pups due to her size, even death. It definitely was not worth the risk. Lucky goes to the veterinarian’s once a year for blood work and vaccinations and about four to five times a year to have her nails clipped.

Lucky’s diet consists mostly of whole dog food which is always left out for her to eat. She always has fresh water too. I am the only one who will give her snacks. Her snacks range from raw or cooked fruits and vegetables to plain chicken or steak. Everything she eats needs to be cut into small pieces.

Lucky is a wonderfully dedicated dog. She is definitely protective of me. If I am holding her and anyone tries to come near me that she doesn’t know, she will begin to growl and then bark depending on how close they continue to get to me. She will even growl at my children if they try to come near me when I am eating. I’m pretty sure that the stakes are even higher for her when I have food since she is claiming it as her own and, therefore, she becomes even more protective. It’s actually pretty funny for the most part. If she is just walking around the house and not on me, she is pretty pleasant and sweet with the family and those who visit. The initial time that a non-family member enters the house can be a little tricky though. She will bark and try to grab onto the back of any pant leg she can. She has even been known to bite the ankle of more than one or two UPS and FedEx men.

She is definitely a good traveler. She has gone on road trips from Virginia to Maine on several occasions. She will nestle herself on my lap as I drive; she is not fidgety. We just came back from a four hour road trip to Maine where she took a 9 – 5PM canoe ride down the Saco River. Her next adventure is coming up in a couple weeks. She will be flying on an airplane to Florida for the first time. She will be stowed under my seat; I’m sure the trip will be a great experience. While we are in Florida, there is a place that sells Chihuahuas that I would like to visit. I am in no rush to get another dog, but if I find another one half as sweet and wonderful as Lucky, I would be sure to get her. She is very loving and sweet to her family and great company. She is relatively low maintenance. Chihuahuas seem to be a very smart breed of dog, which Lucky displays when she obeys many commands. Overall, Lucky is a great breed of dog that I would suggest buying as a family pet.


1.) Anonymous – 7/20/2011 – My favorite dog out of the 4 I have is my Dachshund and his name is Snoop. He is all brown with hints of black. He is a very nice and super friendly dog. He is in the smaller size of the Dachshund breed. He is almost 2 years old so I think he is pretty much done growing. Snoop acts like he is a guard dog because of the nature of his breed. This also explains why he loves to chase anything that comes through the yard! He is very nice and awesome to have around the house because he is so chill and calm.

German Shepherd

1.) Amanda Tower – 6/30/2011 – Growing up, the only dog I’ve ever owned was a German Shepherd, and to this day I still am a proudowner. As a young child my German Shepherd, Greta, had severe problems with her ears, which is very common in this specific breed. After months of problems with her ears, she got surgery to help correct
hear draining problems in her ears, but she still continued to have discomfort. Greta was a very hyper,
yet lovable dog. She loved to be around people, and was not violent at all. After years of being a loyal,
wonderful dog, Greta passed away.

Three years ago, I decided to look into getting another German Shepherd, and after looking through
numerous farms and shelters, I found Ozzie. Because Ozzie was a rescue, he was taken away from his
mother at a young age (6 weeks) and was considered to be the “runt” of the litter. As a puppy, I tried
to crate train him, although because he had severe separation anxiety, the crate did not work for him.
He is approximately 90 pounds, and still growing, but he is the biggest baby. He does not like to be left
alone, however he is very obedient. He is the smartest dog that I’ve had out of the three Shepherds that
I’ve owned, and after training with him in a structured class, he learned quickly. The most important
aspect of training a German Shepherd and most likely with all dogs, is repetition and consistency. He
does not like change, and can sense when there is something wrong, especially with his owner. German
Shepherds are a very protective breed, and Ozzie is certainly very protective, especially when he is alone
with one of his owners, one on one. Despite what many think about German Shepherds, Ozzie has never
hurt another person, nor has he tried to attack another dog. He is very friendly with the neighbors’ dogs,
and will only growl or show his teeth if he thinks that his owners are in danger. There is no question that
my next dog will without a doubt be a German Shepherd.

Golden Retriever

1.) Anonymous – 8/23/2011 – I have a dog named Charlie. He is a Golden Lab. I got him when he was 8 months old from an animal shelter. They said he was abandoned by his previous owners and he was left at the door of the shelter. Ever since Charlie was a puppy he’s been energetic and playful. Three years later he is still the same goofy dog. Before He goes to sleep he runs around the house knocking things over until he is tired enough to go to sleep. In the morning we wake up and go for a run. When he is a around people or other dogs he is always friendly. He never bites and loves for people to pet him. I’ve had several dogs and Charlie is my favorite. If anybody is looking into getting a dog I would recommend a Golden Lab.

Jack Russell Terrier

1.) Ethan Hathaway – 7/26/2011 – Her name is Lucy and she is 7 years old. We got her when she was just a puppy from my dad’s friend whose pure bred Jack Russell Terriers had puppies. From when she was a pup till this day she’s always been an energetic dog. But over the years as she’s gotten older she has slowed down. Lucy’s not as jumpy anymore but still runs around outside like she has since the day we got her. She has always been a playful dog and doesn’t bite. The only time she will bite is if she has a bone and you try taking it from her. It’s more of a playful bite, but we should correct it. She never breaks through skin; it’s more like a nip just letting you know to back off. This does show signs of a possessive dog but it has never been a problem for us. Lucy weighs 20 pounds in the winter but when summer comes around she gets more exercise causing her to shed a few pounds.

For food we fill her bowl up once a day in the morning and she usually eats it all at once. We allow uncontrolled eating because Jack Russells are not known for overheating. Lucy is loyal but if she is outside for a long time without any attention she will wander off in my woods or into the neighbor’s yard. The longest she has been gone is a half hour. She usually wanders back into our yard after 10 or 15 minutes. Over the years Lucy and I have really bonded and all in all she is a splendid playful dog.

2.) Kyle – 11/2/2011– My dog is a rescue dog from Tennessee. Her name is Jolie and she is a Jack Russell Terrier. She is three years old, with a color scheme consisting of orange and white. Her build is a typical Jack Russell build but she has unusually long legs. She is extremely sweet and acts like a baby. She enjoys being held like and treated like a baby. She also loves to cuddle. When she goes outside, she is hyperactive and loves to play. She has the usual small dog syndrome and thinks she is bigger than she is. Jolie barks at dogs much larger than herself thinking she could stand a chance. In her mind she stands a chance but that is about it. Overall she has been an awesome dog for the first three years and I continue to look forward to bonding with her on a daily basis for the rest of our lives.

3.) Anonymous – 3/27/2012 – Around this same time five years ago, I returned home from the local pet store with the newest member of my family, Dingo. Dingo was a Jack Russell Terrier pup. His floppy ears and shimmering eyes made him stand out from the rest of the pups. Dingo’s eyes were what made me take him home that day; it’s as if his eyes were asking me to take him with me. As most people know, Jack Russell Terriers are usually feisty, full of energy, and alarmingly assertive. This wasn’t the case with Dingo. I guess you could say he was the exception to the rule. When I first got Dingo, he was like all new pups and wanted attention. Being playful was something he loved but he never seemed to take it too far. It was as if he already knew he wasn’t supposed to. I had heard that it’s not uncommon for Jack Russell Terriers to bite, but Dingo has never even nipped at a person throughout his life. At night, Dingo would cuddle beside me on the bed, only stirring to get comfortable again if I moved first. Nights when I had a “visitor” in my bed with me I would have to put Dingo in the next room over. With other dogs you’d expect barking all night until finally they get the best of you, and you let them back in. Dingo was once again the exception, I swear he knew what I was thinking and knew my heart. When the time did come for him to go into the next room, he would cry at first saying he’d miss me but would soon stop as if he knew that first thing in the morning I’d be up to give him his treats and say hello. So Dingo wasn’t like any other dog I’ve ever had or been around. He wasn’t the traditional “family pet”, he was my friend. While on a business trip, I hired a child from my neighborhood to look after Dingo. They would in return make a couple extra dollars checking in on Dingo a few times a day to feed him and make sure he was doing fine. A few days into the trip I received a phone call that stopped my heart. It was the type of call that one dreads and thinks would never happen to them. When I first answered the phone, all I could hear was blubbering. I had known it was Emma; the girl I had hired to watch Dingo because her number was already in my phone. I told Emma only to call in the case of an emergency, which is exactly what it was, an emergency. After a few more moments of crying on the phone Emma stopped while I had remained silent. In a quiet shaky voice all I was able to make out was “I’m so sorry.” Still to this day I never asked Emma how Dingo managed to get out of the house. This is because part of me just doesn’t want to know. The choice not to know the details of Dingo’s death is not for my own sake but for Dingo’s. He knew my heart and I knew his. Dingo would not want my memory of him to be of his death, but of his life. So in a strange way Dingo remains exactly where we left off that day before I went on my business trip. He remains in my heart as a friend, waiting for me to walk through the door to hold him in my arms. The memory of Dingo is one that can never be touched or tarnished, and he lives on with me.

Mini Pinscher

1.) Janet – 10/3/2011 – My dog’s name is Penny. We have had him since he was a year old; he is now eight. He is a Mini Pinscher with cropped ears. He was about four to five pounds when I got him; he now weighs thirteen pounds. I also own another dog that thinks he is the boss of the two of them. He is a good watchdog partly because he has great hearing; he can hear someone coming in the driveway (which is 100 feet away), even when there is a lot of noise in the house. He also enjoys the company of other dogs and people, always keeping friendly expressions on his face. Our Mini Pinscher is friendly, protective of the house members, and enjoys a walk daily. He eats very little, but has tons of energy.

2.) Roland – 10/17/2011– Lucy our Mini Pinscher is a new addition to our family. Her ears have not been cropped so they hang down which makes her look extra cute because of that. She is a very dependent dog as she follows my other dog wherever he goes and does whatever he does. She is loveable and likes to sit on my chair with me especially when I am reading the newspaper. Her love for snacks is unreal and attempts to get snacks whenever she can. She also loves to go for rides in the car with me when she gets the chance. She uses most of her energy by chasing birds and squirrels in the yard. Lucy has been a delight to own and I would recommend a Mini Pinscher to anyone looking for a dog!


1.) Anonymous – 7/16/2011 – I have 3 Newfoundlands and 1 Dachshund. My Newfoundlands are very big and goofy dogs, but they are all still puppies so they are growing into themselves. We brought them to the beach one time to see how they interacted with other dogs. They ended up getting more attention from people at the beach than other dogs because of their size. People could tell that they were still puppies but everybody kept asking how old they were. When I would tell them that they are only puppies and still growing, they are completely shocked! Newfies are known for their massive size and type of stance they carry. Newfies are not a common dog for people to have, at least in the area I live in, so you don’t often run into people that have a Newfoundland or 3 for that matter. My Newfies are silver (his name is Thore), brown (her name is Umme), and black (his name is Kracken). They all have very unique names, but I must say I didn’t name any of them! I think it’s cool how they are all different colors though because Newfoundlands are typically black.


1.) Kimberly Alves – 6/26/2011 – Our Pomeranian, Teddy, is a riot. People say toy dog breeds don’t have personality, or that they aren’t “man’s best friend”. Well let me tell you, Teddy is as real as they come. Every morning he sits on the couch until someone in the family gets up to let him out to the bathroom and feed him. Once someone is up he comes into the kitchen and begins his morning stretch. He pushes his front legs forward and down while leaving his hind legs straight. His cute little butt is propped up in the air. Then he puts each hind leg backwards one by one to give them a good stretch.

Teddy has tons and tons of energy! He can run around all day as if he were the energizer bunny. To help burn off some of his energy we usually play fetch with his favorite dog toy, the yellow duck! My boyfriend is always playing games with him and his toys. Teddy loves playing toys so much, he will grab his toy and sit on the couch looking out the window as my boyfriend drives into the driveway. He is all white, with some tan markings on his face and a patch on his backside. He has little tan spots on his snout that look like freckles. He has a large mane like a lion and his mouth is always smiling. We give Teddy a summer cut during the warmer months. We have the groomer shave down his fur so it’s really short but, we tell her to leave the fur around his head long and then he really looks like a lion!

Teddy is awesome with strangers! He gets so excited to meet new people and see new surroundings. When we go to the drawer where we keep his leash he starts running around in circles and wagging his tail in excitement. He has trouble containing all of his excitement because he has so much of it. He does this cute head shake and foot pounce as if he were saying “Come on come on let’s go! Walk walk walk!!!” On walks Teddy always flips onto his back and we think he is either looking for a good back rub or he is trying to get a hold of something he hears in the ground because he has amazing hearing.

We could go on forever talking about Teddy and his playful personality but he does have a few quirks. Like many dogs, he gets anxiety when he is away from us too long or if he hears thunder or a loud noise. He barks a lot if he isn’t kept busy or he is under exercised. Unfortunately Teddy has become slightly accustomed to getting treats throughout the day (thanks to my mom) even when he isn’t behaving the best. Breaking that habit is a work in progress – for Teddy and for my mom!


1.) Ian – 9/13/2011 – My dog is a Puggle which consists of a mix between a Pug and a Beagle. She weighs approximately 30 pounds but should weigh 20 pounds and no longer than 29 inches. She is a goldish brown color and has more of a brown tint under her snout. Her energy levels are through the roof. Most of the day she is hyper but after a long walk she calms down easily. Our Puggle is athletic and can be aggressive with other dogs that are larger in size. She surprisingly is not aggressive with dogs similar to her size. Like most dogs she loves to eat and begs when my family and I eat dinner. Every night she howls like a Beagle. Her appearance is a true mix between the two breeds. Her nose and facial structure is identical to a Beagle but her body build is thick like a Pug.


1.) Samantha Albert – 9/21/2011 – The first dog I ever had growing up was my Rottweiler, Otto. I was only a baby, a year older to be exact, but I did grow up with him. I remember by the time I was about seven, he was big – bigger than most dogs his breed. He had a head like a cow and a massive jaw. He had brown markings on his chest and paws and the rest of him was black. He got too big to stay living with us and so he lived with my grandmother who had a big yard for him. At the time, I went there most days of the week and got to see him. When he was on his chain, Otto often barked…loudly. He seemed aggressive, but once he was he was let loose he would run around the yard like an oversized puppy and play.

When I was eight or nine years old, Otto started losing his vision and the function in his back legs. He only got worse as the months went on and I remember him snapping at my grandfather when he was being fed. He wasn’t the same dog that had lived with us. He was tired, old for a dog, and rested more than anything. That year he got put to sleep, my dad was the one who took him. I was told he ran away, mostly because I couldn’t understand. I figured it out and soon after they explained it to me. At first I was upset but I came to realize that Otto was better off being put to rest than being forced to suffer.

Yellow Lab

1.) Robby – 7/5/2011 – The last dog my family had was a Yellow Lab. We got her from the pound so she was the nicest dog and had a great heart. If you showed her enough love she would do anything to protect you. She wasn’t a big dog but she was big enough to intimidate a stranger. At night she was very quiet and calm, especially when our family was around. She absolutely hated thunderstorms, as many dogs do, but she loved the outdoors and my dad was her favorite member of the family. We would often go on walks together because she loved them so much because she always had tons of energy! I would rarely see her sleep but she loved to eat. Sometimes her energy would be a bit too intense, which led to her biting me a couple times, getting into the trash, and breaking a few things. We probably could have exercised her more to burn off some of her energy because it was a pain when she would get into trouble. But, she was a great dog and we loved her a lot.

2.) Jon Z – 8/1/2011– Goldie is my yellow lab. She is more of a golden color (hence the name Goldie) but she is 100% lab, not a Golden Retriever mix or any other dog breed. I’ve had Goldie since she was just a puppy. My family got her when she was in the 3 to 6 month range and her and I have grown up together. She is a very friendly dog who loves family, as many labs do. Thankfully, she has never bit anyone because she is a loving animal. She likes to play when she is outside and sometimes she even gets excited to play inside too if she is provoked the right way. Goldie loves to wrestle and try to get out of playful headlocks. Everyone that comes to my house says she is such a pretty dog and so nice. She’s great around kids and knows to be calm and gentle. She is the type of dog that would be great for a family with infants. Goldie doesn’t shed very much but she does need a good brushing every now and then and she is a great sleeper! She doesn’t wake up or bark during the night; she knows when it’s quiet time. I let Goldie out of the house without a leash to go to the bathroom and then she always comes right back. We don’t have to have an electric fence or any sort of boundaries for her because she knows not to go far from home. On the rare occasion, Goldie will take off from the yard but we always get her back. She listens to commands very well so we have been able to teach her to lay down, hand us her paw, and bark when we say “speak”. Now that Goldie is 12, going on 13 years old, she has started to slightly lose her hearing which is expected with old age. Last time we took Goldie to the Veterinarian he said Goldie had some lumps on her. Thankfully they are not cancerous, but we are going to keep an eye on the lumps to be safe. Even in her old age, Goldie is still tons of fun and has made a great addition to our family for the past 10+ years.

Mixed Breeds

1.) Zach – 7/08/2011 – My dog is a Pit Bull/Bull Terrier mix. He eats three cups of food a day and about 6 cups of water. He is very playful and loves everyone he knows. He is in great health and runs 3 miles with me on the road 2 or 3 times a week without a problem. I put him on a leash when we run though just in case. He doesn’t have a history of biting or being hostile but if you wind him up he may turn a little aggressive. My dog just loves to snuggle with people. We think that he thinks he is a small 30 pound dog and not a big 67 pound dog! The only bad habit my dog has is chewing our things (books, shoes, etc.) once in a while, especially if he is left alone. He has been a great, fun, loving dog ever since we adopted him when he was just 2 years old.

2.) Kim – 11/9/2011 – Muffin is a beige Peek A Poo dog who is now four and a half years old. She is a pretty female who weighs twenty-six pounds. She has fluffy white hair that is soft and bushy. Because of her hair she needs haircuts at least once a month. Also, to keep her looking good, she requires daily brushings and weekly baths. Her hair will tangle if she does not get brushed weekly which causes knots and pain for her. She has a great disposition. When I take her out for her daily walks, she loves to meet other people and brightens their day. She is a blessing to all who know her.