Why Neuter? Why Spay? Why Tattoo?

Why Neuter Your Dog

As time passes, more and more dogs are getting tattoos. That’s right! We said tattoos. Let us explain …
We had our dog, Teddy the Pomeranian, neutered when he was a puppy. If you don’t plan on having your dog reproduce then it’s a good idea to have your dog neutered or spayed like we did. If your dog is a male then he gets “neutered” and if your dog is a female then she gets “spayed”. We knew we didn’t want to allow Teddy to get a female dog pregnant so we went ahead and had him neutered. A dog’s testicles are removed when a male dog is neutered. A dog’s uterus and ovaries are removed when a female dog is spayed. People wonder why they should neuter or spay their dogs, aside from preventing reproduction. Many aren’t aware of the many health benefits to spaying and neutering your dogs. There are also benefits if your dog has behavioral issues. Having your male dog’s testicles removed can prevent testicular cancer in the future, minimize your dog’s desire to hump, and prevent excessive urination to mark their territory.

Dog Tattoos - After Neuter Spay

Why Spay Your Dog

Having your female dog’s ovaries and uterus removed can prevent her from longing for a mate while she is in heat, eliminate her from going into heat and leaving spots of blood around your home, and most importantly prevent pregnancy. Spaying also decreases the chances of your female dog from getting cancer and infections in her reproductive and urinary organs.

Why The Tattoo?

Now back to our tattoo discussion. After dog’s are neutered, the vet tattoos the dog with either a blue or green colored line. The line will be located right near the scar from where the vet performed surgery to remove the dog’s testicles. You may wonder why a dog needs to get marked after they get neutered. It’s not always easy to know if a dog has been neutered. A scar is a tell tale sign of a surgery but many times this scar will fade away. Also, even before a dog has been neutered, their testicles aren’t always visible. Testicles are only visible on some dogs. And on female cats you can’t see from the exterior whether or not they have their ovaries and uterus. Knowing whether or not a dog has been spayed or neutered is important for the future health of your dog. Vets should know what is, or is not, inside your dog before performing surgery or giving a medical diagnosis.

Benefits of Having Your Dog Tattooed

If your dog is ill and having symptoms of a certain type of disease, like cancer, your vet will be able to rule out certain areas of the body that could be carrying the disease. Testicles are often a prime location for cancer in male dogs. For the overall health of your dog, your vet should always know your dog’s full medical history, which includes a surgery to spay or neuter.

Kimberly Alves
Published September 24th, 2015