Online Dog Games, Activities, & Puzzles, for Kids

PBS Kids Games Age 5 and Under

PBS Kids has a great website if you want to accompany your young children with some online fun. This website is mostly geared towards children under the age of 5. There are a handful of games and of course we find the Clifford the Big Red Dog games worthwhile! They are simple and easy to play. They aim towards teaching observation skills and expanding creativity.

PBS Kids Games Age 5+

This is another worthy game site from PBS Kids. The game on this site focuses on the 5+ age group as it goes over letter sounds and associates pictures with letters. Many kid friendly websites have pictures that you can print out and your child can color in, like this one.

You can check out all of PBSKids’ dog games here: All PBS Kids Games

Nick Jr. Kids Games

Nick Jr. has so many games for children! But we love the ones featuring dogs as the main characters and Blue’s Clues does just that! There are 20+ mini games that follow Blue to the doctors, ghost hunting, and her birthday party. Each game focuses on topics that strengthen your child’s skills, like mixing and matching, exploring, music, and puzzles. These games are geared around children ages 3 to 8.

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Scooby Doo Games

Scooby-Doo’s site has action, arcade, adventure, and sports games along with puzzles. Soccer, surfing, and baseball are all the list of sports games along with hurdle racing and pie tossing. The games on this site gear towards an older age group, around 8+ because there are some goblins and ghosts that may seem scary to younger children. The games are also a bit more challenging and require reading the how-to instructions to learn how to play the game.

Girls Dog Games

You can find 30+ dog games on Girls Go Games! Wow! And as the name of the website hints, these games are geared towards girls around ages 6+. There is a lot of doggy dress up games along with quizzes, search and find, and fetch games. Some games require a little bit of understanding to play the game correctly. The games here are mostly solely based on entertainment, not much educational lessons here. It’s a good site to go on just to keep your child busy and occupy some of their boredom.

Animal Discovery Kids Games

What better place to go play animals games than Animal Planet’s website!? Animal Planet and Discovery’s website has a handful of mix and match games, quizzes, puzzles, challenges, and memory games. A wide variety is what you will find here! We especially liked the quiz games that test your knowledge of dog breeds. The games on this site are geared towards children 8+ because the quizzes and puzzles can be a little challenging and time consuming so your child has to have a good attention span!

Dog Games Online

Dog Games Online has a LOT of dog games; probably the most dog games out of all the websites we checked out. This website combines all the dog games you would find on other game-centered websites, like Nick Jr. and Animal Planet, for example, aren’t game-centered websites, they just have games on their site to play. Girls Go Games is a game-centered website, solely created for kids to go on and play games.

Do you have any fun websites that you go on to play dog games? Let us know! And we can add them to our list.

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