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These new dog wind twisters are fun and unique! Place them in your garden, along your walkway, on your porch, or around your patio. The easiest way to hang these twisters is either on a shepherd’s hook that you put into the ground or on a hook that screws into a sturdy structure (both sold separately). The dog sits at the top of the twister and a weighted bead sits on the bottom. The bead sits at the bottom of the twist to provide weight, enabling the twirl to twist in the wind. They are made of a durable rip-stop polyester. This material allows them to spin in the wind without ripping.

Aside from the adorable dog breed, the most fun part of these twisters is the rainbow colors. As the twister spins in the wind, the colors make a magical rainbow swirl. These measure 17 inches long and the width varies between 5 to 8 inches depending on the dog breed. Currently we have 10 breeds available, including 2 cats. We hope to have more available in the future!

Dog Wind Twisters

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