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Our newest product line makes the perfect gift all on its own! It is a set of magnets that come packaged together on a galvanized metal backer. The backer displays the magnets so they are all visible and shows off how cute each item is!

The set comes with 3 magnets which are made of wood. Each of the 3 magnets come in a different shape and design on each. One magnet is heart shaped and says “I love my {dog breed}”. Another magnet is rectangular and says “wiggle butts”. The last and largest magnet has beautiful artwork of your favorite dog breed. The artwork on these magnets was originally created on a piece of burlap. This gives the artwork a unique rustic and textured look. The artwork shows the dog sitting down on lush green grass with a perfectly blue sky in the background.

Metal Dog Magnet Sets

The sizes of each are shown below:
3″ x 4.50″, 2″ x 1.75″, 2″ x 1.50″, Card: 5.50″ x 6.50″.

How to Use Metal Dog Magnet Set

This set of magnets can be given as a birthday gift, a thank you gift, or even stuffed into a stocking at Christmas time. Place these magnets on any magnetic surface that you desire. They can be placed on a magnetized fridge where you can use these to hang photos, drawings, or reminders. Use these magnets to hang reminders exclusively for your dog; like treats, appointments, schedules, and more! These would also be great in an office or for a teacher. The magnets will adhere to a filing cabinet or a magnetized white board.

Shop the collection below:

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