How Many People Own Dogs and Why?

It is no secret that dogs are loved and owned all over the world. Roughly 42% of all households own a dog and there are over 75 million people who own dogs. Dogs trump cats by more than 10% ownership globally. The preference between cats and dogs is clearly based on personal preference. But why is it that more people prefer dogs over cats?

How Many People Own Dogs & Why?

Dogs are Man’s Best Friend

Dogs not only posses high levels of intelligence but they also show more affection and love than other pets. To see what I mean have a look at this youtube video: Affectionate Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever in the video not only loves her owner, but obeys her owner. She shows high levels of excitement, love, and obedience. Very few pets are able to contain such characteristics which make dogs number 1 on the pet owner’s list.

Love and affection aren’t all dogs know. They are also able to adapt to their owner’s lifestyle. For example, Teddy knows in the morning we get up and go to work. He doesn’t expect us to play. When we see him in the morning, he is relaxed and happy. In the evening, when we pull up to the driveway, you can see him through the window. Every evening he runs to his favorite ice cream cone toy and waits. When we walk in the door he has his toy in his mouth waiting for us to play. On sunny and warm evenings, he will sit next to his little closet where we keep his treats and leash. This is his way of saying, “HEY! It’s nice outside, let’s go for a walk.” Dogs are able to examine repetitive scenarios and adapt. They have internal clocks that tell them a specific situation will take place at a specific time.

You are All that Matters

Dogs live for you. They know you are their master and they treat you as such. They obey your commands, and spend every second of their lives for you. Teddy shows enormous levels of excitement when we enter the room. When you walk in the door after a long day of work, the levels of affection are unimaginable. Our dogs wait for us looking out the window all day. Despite the stress they may cause us from time to time, especially as puppies, all dog owners know, it is worth it!

Dogs Make you Healthier

Dog owners have shown lower blood pressure levels than people who don’t own a dog. I believe the lower levels are attributed to the love and happiness dogs bring. A happy state of mind decreases blood pressure compared to an angry, stressed, or sad state. All dogs enjoy a daily walk. Owning a dog makes you more likely to walk daily. Walking daily has tremendous health benefits. From lower risk of disease to strengthening your heart, the statistics don’t lie. To see a list of the benefits check out the following article: Daily Walking Benefits

Dogs Offer Security

When I say dogs offer security, I mean two things. First, dogs offer security from robbers. It has been proven that the majority of robberies take place in homes that do not have a dog. Dogs also offer security as a friend and companion. You know they won’t move out and go to college. You know they won’t talk back. Dogs don’t judge you. They are always there for you no matter what.


To sum it up, dogs are wonderful pets. Not only do they live and breath for you, they are happy to do so. From a companion to a medicine, they can do quite a bit more than people realize. I hope this article answered any questions you may have had. The next time someone asks you, how many people own dogs and why? You will now be able to tell them. Send us an email through our contact form in the contact section. Tell us how many people own dogs that you know and how your dog shows his/her affection.

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