Laminated Indoor Dog Signs

Our laminated indoor dog signs are water resistant and make great dog decor for your home, car, office, or locker! All of our laminated dog signs can be hung by either a magnet, pin, suction cup, or Velcro. They make for a great add on item or stocking stuffer for the holidays.

The more people I meet signs are 5×7 inches and feature a cute saying “The More People I Meet, the More I Like my “Insert Dog Breed”!”. The background of the sign features baseballs, fire hydrants, bones, dog bowls, and dog houses.

The most popular laminated sign known as our caution signs are also 5×7 inches and are offered in two different styles. Certain signs state “CAUTION “Insert Breed” May Lick You To Death” while others state “CAUTION Killer “Insert Breed” On Duty”.

Our last laminated sign is a vertical sign that is 7×5. The sign states “Don’t Let The “Insert Breed” Out!”. The bottom of the sign states “No Matter What it Tells You”. It also comes with a suction cup for hanging on a window. No matter which one you choose, every dog lover needs at least one!

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