Cute Dog Photo Picture & Video Galleries

Hey dog lovers! Over the years we have seen big dogs, cute dogs, small dogs, fluffy dogs, diva dogs, silly dogs, energetic dogs, and even mopey dogs. Even though each dog was very different, they were all undoubtedly cute and unconditionally loved. This is why we decided to create a collection of pictures, videos, and all things media that consists of dogs from our travels, our customers’ dogs, and dogs from the web.

We want to see your dog! Send us pictures and videos of your dog to our email at Dog Lover Store Email Your dog will be featured on our website, as well as Tweeted, Instagramed, Facebooked, and blogged about to all of our followers. Does your dog have what it takes?!

Teddy – Dog Lover Store Mascot

Celebrity Dog Gallery

Family & Friends Dog Gallery