Teddy The Pomeranian Dog Picture and Video Gallery

TEDDDYYYY!!! Teddy is our energetic, playful, mischievous Pomeranian. He weighs 13 pounds, with a record of 7-0 with 3 wins by KO, no, just kidding. Seriously now, he is mostly white with tan patches and is often referenced as a mini lion. He loves walks, squeaky toys, and food! He hates thunder, rain, beeping from the timer on our oven, and the alarm for the fridge doors. He is working on his irritable nature towards odd electronic noises, and hopes that one day he can overcome his struggles. Even with his idiosyncrasies we still love him and call him a member of our family!

Teddy on Thanksgiving 2012

Teddy The Pomeranian Staring on Thanksgiving

Time for a Haircut

Teddy The Pomeranian Long Haired

Sleepy Time

Teddy The Pomeranian Sleeping

My Leg Hurts From Too Much Playtime

Teddy The Pomeranian Sulking


Teddy The Pomeranian Also Known As Lioness

Basking in the Sun

Teddy The Pomeranian In the Sun

I Was Always Told I Could be a Model

Teddy The Pomeranian Modeling

Lazy Day

Teddy The Pomeranian Being Lazy

That’s Right! I Have My Own Chair!

Teddy The Pomeranian In a Chair

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