Are you a list maker? If yes, chances are you like to be organized and productive. Lists aren’t only helpful in making sure you get everything completed, they are also great for your mental health. If used properly, lists are quite effective. Get your racing thoughts out of your head and written on paper. If you don’t make a list then you will constantly have thoughts popping up in your head throughout the day reminding you of everything you have to do. When you write a list, it gives these thoughts a place to “live” until you complete them. If you know they are written down somewhere as a reminder, your subconscious won’t constantly try to remind you about them.

How to Make Lists to Better Your Life

What Do I Add to my List?

When creating a to-do list, write down anything that may be overwhelming your mind. It can be as simple as: get gas. It’s something you have to do and can’t forget. After you write everything down, make bullet points within your list so you don’t forget little details. Now, there is a downside to most things in life if you don’t learn to balance. Lists can be counter-productive if you become overwhelmed or don’t prioritize what’s on your list. Depending on your personality, a list can either be daunting or useful. If you are a person that finds lists daunting, try prioritizing your list. Just because you wrote down “pick up flowers”, doesn’t mean you must do it. If it isn’t a priority within your timeline, move on. Getting groceries or mailing a check may be the day’s priority. Don’t worry, some items can wait until tomorrow. They will still be there waiting for you.

Dog Notepads

We like to use our dog notepads when making lists. Having sweet or adorable notepads makes your list-making that much more fun. If you have to be an “adult”, why not make it as enjoyable as possible, right? A cute reminder of your favorite pup will put a smile on your face every time you look at your never-ending to-do list.

Notepad Placement is Important

Our notepads have magnets on the back, making them easy to stick on the fridge or filing cabinet. Having an on-going list in the areas you may think of things is helpful. A notepad in the kitchen can help you remember items you need to add to your grocery list. A notepad on a file cabinet or metal board in your office will allow you to quickly jot down important numbers or dates.

Large Notepads & Color Coordination is Helpful

Our notepads are 9.5 inches long, allowing for a nice long list. They have 60 pages to cover 60+ days of list making. The back side of each page is white. Technically you can double up to 120 pages of notes or lists. The pages have a little doggy on the bottom and a quote at the top saying “Life is Better with a {DOGBREED}”. The rest of the page is open and unlined, giving you the freedom and space to write, doodle, or sketch anything that comes to mind.

Often times, we like to use highlighters to color-coordinate items on our list as we complete or progress through them. This allows you to refer back to your lists so you can still read them without having items crossed out. At the end of the day, being able to check off or cross out something on your to-do list feels amazing. We urge you to give list making a try!

Created September 16th, 2019
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