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Video Transcript

Hey guys so we got a few boxes here, we got a shipment in from our manufacturer. Let’s see we are going to open it up and do a little quick segment of what’s in the box. So this is a new product line and that’s why we’re doing this. Check it out and get some first impressions of the products (Dog Pillows) as we open it. And this is really funny actually, see how flat this is, it’s because they sucked all the air out of them, but they’re actually pillows. It’s a new line of pillows we’re going to carry, so let’s open this one up. It’s a German Shepherd. We will see it all puffed up once we take the air out of it, let’s see. Without cutting the pillow of course. Here we go, you can see it starting to float up, puff up! Ohh, all right, so first impression is that it’s really soft actually. It’s a nice, some of these pillows that we’ve had, they’re more of like a weird water resistant type material which aren’t the comfiest if you actually want to cuddle with them on the couch or on your bed. So this is a nice material, it’s really soft, it kind of feels like a velvet, like a very short velvet. Let’s see, the cover material is 100% polyester. So let’s see, this one is a German Shepherd like I said and it’s “A Home without a German Shepherd is just a house” (Pillow), which kind of plays off our house is not a home without a German Shepherd sign. So you could do the sign and do the pillow and have a little gift set you know, for a birthday or Christmas. So let’s see, they probably weigh maybe about 8 ounces or so, about a half a pound. So that’s the first one, and then we want to just look at a couple more breeds just to see what the design looks like. Let’s see, this is another German Shepherd. Pull a random one out here, we have a Rottweiler, and that one’s on a Yellow, has a yellow accent color, they all have different accent colors, green, yellow. The backside is just like a light tan, it’s a neutral color. And pull this one out, this is like a brighter, it’s a bright orange, kind of like a pumpkin orange accent color and this is a Black Lab.

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