Dog Keychains – Pewter & Wood

Our pewter dog keychains are made of solid high quality pewter. Each key chain has deep etchings that allow for a nice oxidization effect. The pewter is not only durable but artistic as well. When the keychains oxidize it helps bring out the details of your breed. They are made in the USA and are approximately 1-1.5 inches depending on the breed. Pewter keychains are a great gift option. Since each key chain is made of pewter, you don’t have to worry about matching the dog’s colors. If you are in a situation where you cannot find a gift that matches the coat color of your dog or another dog lover’s dog, our pewter keychains are a great option! Be sure to check out our newest pewter wildlife keychain line. The collection has everything from squirrels to dragons to beavers to skulls and bones.

The newest addition to our keychain collection is our wooden dog breed keychains. They are made of solid wood in the USA with a high quality glossed graphic applied to the wood. Their wooden material makes them unique, and an excellent addition to any order! You really can’t go wrong with keychains. Everyone, well almost everyone has a set of keys. What better way to remind yourself of your best friend back at home waiting for you? Go ahead and browse our keychain categories below!

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