Need Big Tips with Little Time?

Getting a new puppy can be exciting but it can also be a ton of work! Preparing your home ahead of time and setting boundaries is crucial to successful puppy training. Make sure everyone in your home is on the same page and start enforcing rules and training as soon as your puppy enters your home. Below we have covered a handful of tips that can lead you to puppy training success!

  • Train puppies before they become acclimated to the house. Start training right away! Don’t let the puppy get comfortable in naughty habits.
  • Do not rub your puppies faces in their accidents. This has not proven to be a successful form of house training. Try out Poochie Training Bells instead!
    Poochie Bells
  • Give your puppy a treat and then touch them immediately afterwards. Treat, touch belly. Treat, touch tail. This action strengthens the connection with your dog and positive reinforcement. It also shows that touching is positively associated with treats so puppies get adjusted to human engagement.
  • Tips for Puppy Training

  • Don’t allow puppies to guard their bowls so they don’t become possessive. Reach into their bowl and show equal territory. Show them that you have the ability to take away their food and get them comfortable with someone else being around their food. If a puppy has to share meal time with another dog they will less likely become territorial.
  • Get your puppy to release his toy. Don’t play too much tug o’ war or they will always want to tug away with whatever is in their mouth. Practice the action of taking something away and giving them something better. Take the toy away and give them a treat. Repeat.
  • Get puppies away from the table during dinner time to prevent begging. Give the puppy a treat filled toy in a different room during dinner time so they don’t learn begging. They will be preoccupied in another room with their own activity.

Expanded upon the tips given by Andrea Arden on Live with Kelly.

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February 3rd, 2017
Updated July 31, 2019