When it comes to keeping your dog entertained, there are many tricks of the trade that you learn over the years. Dogs can be like babies…you love them to pieces, they are a member of the family, but they have a LOT of energy! Sometimes you just need to get some work done, pay bills, read emails, or clean. When you have an energetic dog or new puppy, completing these tasks can be difficult. They can be especially difficult if your dog loves to be by your side. We all know those little shadow dogs. They hate to be alone. It’s also difficult to get things done if you have a dog that loves attention. They just love to be pet. “Give me a belly rub!” “Throw my toy!” They don’t care what plans are on your schedule, they just want to be tended to. For all these scenarios, sometimes you just need a little extra help. A clever idea to keep them busy and preoccupied. So, how can you keep your dog entertained? Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep your dog’s attention when you just need to get a few things done – solo.


A great time to get things done is while your dog is eating. If your dog has good manners, it should take them at least 5 to 10 minutes to eat their food. If they have a habit of scoffing down their food then they could be done with their meal within 2 minutes or less! This isn’t the ideal meal time manners. Our dog actually likes to take a few bites of his food, walk around the kitchen, and then go back to his food and eat some more. If you need your dog to slow down his chow time try using a maze bowl. Maze bowls look like a maze inside the bowl and your dog has to navigate around the bowl to consume all the food.

Another great distraction is putting an empty water bottle inside of an old tube sock. The plastic sound of the water bottle will intrigue your dog. The sock prevents your dog from sinking his/her teeth into the plastic and shredding it apart. The sock also adds a sense of mystery for your dog. He/she will stay entertained trying to find out what’s inside the sock. This is such a cheap and easy idea. Chances are, you have a water bottle and old sock lying around your house.

You can also keep your dog busy by using a light or laser pointer. Your dog will think the laser light is something they can get their paws on so they will keep chasing it. Point the laser on the ground and watch your dog stay entertained. Cats like this too! If you have any sort of automatic floor cleaner or vacuum you can attach the laser onto it and as the cleaner moves around the house, the laser will move with it. A rotating fan will work great too! Grab a second to yourself by using these simple, easy tricks.

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May 27th, 2016