Gifts for Kids Who Love Animals & Dog Stuffed Animals

At Dog Lover Store we incorporate gifts for your home, garden, car, friends, and family. We also offer gifts for kids who love animals. There is no greater feeling than buying a gift for a kid who loves animals. Kids have so much energy and emotion. When you pair that with the love kids have for animals, you see a reaction you will never forget.

Our dog puzzles are great for any child looking to have fun or challenge themselves. Our dog puzzles range from 500 to 1000 pieces and vary in difficulty. They are designed by professional artists to ensure that beautiful scenery is created in the finished product.

Our dog stuffed animals are electronic and actually breath! You have to see this to believe it! Each dog is carefully crafted with hand laid fur. One D battery lasts 3-4 months and they come with a brush, adoption certificate, collar, and dog tag. They make a great gift for kids or the elderly.

Our newest addition to our gifts for kids collection consists of our barking dog stuffed animals. They operate on 2 AA batteries and are quite the interactive toy for all ages. They bark, wag their tails, and move. You can read more about them by clicking on the electronic life like dog stuffed animals section in the table below.

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