At Dog Lover Store, we feature a variety of gifts suitable for your home, garden, car, friends, and family, with a unique focus on kids who adore animals. There’s a special joy in gifting something to a child who loves animals – their boundless energy and genuine emotions create unforgettable moments.

Explore our range of electronic dog stuffed animals that mimic real-life breathing. Crafted with precision and adorned with hand-laid fur, each dog comes with an adoption certificate, collar, dog tag, and a brush. Powered by a single D battery lasting 3-4 months, these unique gifts are perfect for both kids and the elderly. We’ve recently introduced mini perfect petzzz to our kids’ gift collection.

Adding to our exciting collection are barking dog stuffed animals, an interactive toy for all ages. Operating on 2 AA batteries, these toys bark, wag their tails, and move, providing hours of entertainment. Additionally, we now offer bean bag stuffed animals. Learn more about both products by exploring the electronic life-like dog stuffed animals section in the table below.

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