Anyone that has had a conversation with a family member or even stranger, knows that more often than not, the discussion of what it is “you do” in life comes up. Having been in the dog gifts industry for some time now, I have had many conversations about what it is we do and sell at Dog Lover Store. And more often than not, people don’t grasp first hand what gifts that are dog themed really are. I am always asked, “So you sell dog food, collars, leashes, and dog supplies?”. But if you are familiar with our business you know that isn’t what we do at all. Dog themed gifts are exactly what it sounds like – they are gifts that have a dog theme. The gifts can be ornaments, figurines, signs, magnets, clothes, outdoor items, keychains, and the like. They tend to be decor items for your home that relate to your favorite breed and/or breed that you own. Funny sayings, cute designs, and quality products make our gifts stand out!

Deeper into the conversation, once I am able to portray what it is we sell, the next question is always “Really? And that stuff sells?”. And that question always takes me back a little bit. I ask myself, “Why wouldn’t it sell?”. People (myself included) either have or currently have a strong relationship with their dog that no person could ever take away. As we all know dogs are man and women’s best friend! They fill an important void in our lives as they provide unconditional love all the time! There is never any jealousy or discontentment – they are always there for you no matter what. Who wouldn’t want to show that love that us dog lovers share with our dog? When you are married, you wear a ring to symbolize the love you and your partner share. How is displaying a sign in your home that says “A House is not a home without a dog/breed” any different? The answer is, it isn’t! For those who don’t quite grasp the concept of selling and buying dog themed gifts just don’t know what it is like to have a dog in their life. For all of those people, I suggest you give it a try. It is truly a magical experience that should be experienced by all!

Dog Lover Store
February 22nd, 2016