Dog Supplies: Leashes, Bowls, Collars, Clothes, Toys

Our dog supplies section offers a variety of hand selected quality dog necessities. We offer a wide range of products consisting of collars, bandannas, bowls, clothes, & leashes. Whether your dog is a part of the toy breed or giant variety, we have something to fulfill your needs. Our collars and leashes are stylish and exclusive. You can find sports team leashes and collars and glow in the dark nylon leashes. We also offer Oprah Winfrey leashes that were only sold at the Oprah Winfrey store in Chicago. They are no longer in production and are considered to be a collector’s item. Our selection of dog toys serve a higher purpose. They are not only great for playing fetch or teaching your dog commands, but they also keep your dogs brain active. Feel free to request your dog’s favorite supplies and toys. Always check back as we add new supplies on a regular basis.

DogLoverStore is in no way affiliated with the Oprah Winfrey, NFL, NBA, & MLB sports teams

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