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Here we have our standard Kerry Blue Terrier dog figurine. The figurine is made up of a gray/blue color. Any shades other than gray blue or blue gray is considered a disqualification by the AKC. The entire figurine is made up of gray blue with heavier shading of gray on the neck, chest, hindquarters, stomach, tip of the tail, and back of the forelegs.

The coat is of medium length, wiry, and tight to the body. The styling of the coat in our mold gives the look of a soft coat. The coat is most noticeable on the legs, stomach, back, rear, and around the mouth. The neck and chest is smooth. The tail is of medium length and erect.

The ears are small, triangular, and hang forward on the head. The eyes are dark in color, small, and not easily visible. The muzzle is long and rectangular in shape. The build and structure of the breed is larger than medium size, lean, but thick and sturdy at the same time. Both fore and hind legs are parallel but are positioned far on either side of the body giving the breed added balance.

  • Approx. Size: 4" to 5" in the longest direction
  • Kerry Blue Terrier Figurine – Standard Blue/Gray Color
  • Made of Stone Cast Resin
  • Hand Painted with Air Brush
  • Did You Know: White Markings on a Kerry Blue Terrier Older than 18 Months is Considered a Disqualification From the AKC?


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