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Corgi Hand Painted Porcelain Figurine Cardigan


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Standard Corgi Porcelain Figurine Cardigan

Our porcelain Corgi figurines are super high quality and embody all the details of the breed. All of our porcelain dog figurines are hand painted and high-fired. Ceramics that are fired at a higher temperature allow for increased durability and superiority The hand painted art work that is done on these figurines is unique and impressive. The artists use thin paint brushes with just a handful of hairs. This thin brush allows the artists to carefully and meticulously capture all the fine details of the breed. The figurines are finished off with a high gloss finish which highlights the characteristics of the dog. Collect them all!

  • – Approximate Measurements (Inches): 3 x 1.2 x 2
  • – Porcelain
  • – Hand Painted


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