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The Whippet originated in Northern England as a hound/coursing dog. Their appearance consists of a short coat with a variety of colors. Average height is 18 inches and 18-28 pounds makes their build long and lean. The Whippet was developed for racing and known by many as the poor man's racehorse. The fastest Whippets could run 200 yards in under 12 seconds. The Whippet is faster than a Greyhound over long distances. The AKC recognized the Whippet in 1976 and has no standard on color patterns. Ever since they were recognized the breed has become more than just a race dog. They have morphed into a companion dog. Their companion temperament is quiet, affectionate, friendly, and gentle. Dog owners all over the world have found interest in the Whippet. They are a great choice for active life styles, families with children, and companionship. Our Whippet gifts and merchandise collection offers our most popular gifts in a variety of colors. Our Whippet items and collectibles are offered in brindle/white, grey/white, tan/white, and white. Find Whippet products from figurines to key chains to statues, ornaments, and more in our Whippet shop!

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