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The Weimaraner breed originated in Germany. They're covered in a sleek silver/gray coat, are a medium sized breed with a 24-27 inch height, and 70-85 lb. weight. The Weimaraner was crossed with a variety of breeds but mainly the Pointer. The goal for the Weimaraner was to create a quick and agile dog that made the perfect gun dog. The Weimaraner caught Americans attention as far back as the 1940's. Dog enthusiasts could not resist their sleek silver/gray coat. The color resembles a steel gray but with light notes of blue. The breed has grown since the initial wave of attraction in the 40's. From this consistent growth in popularity, many Weimaraner lovers started looking for dog lover products. Our Weimaraner merchandise collection offers great Weimaraner gifts and decor for every Weimaraner lover. Our Weimaraner items include collectibles from statues, figurines, to ornaments, and more! Check out our Weimaraner shop for Weimaraner gifts and merchandise today!

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