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The Vizsla pronounced VEEZH-lah is a dog breed of Hungarian decent. They have a brown/golden coat, are 22.5-25 inches in height, and weigh anywhere from 48-66 lbs. The word "Vizsla" translates to "responsive and alert". Their traits include high stamina, obedience, loyalty, gentle touch, and calm nature. Their characteristics make for a perfect gun dog. Historically, they were used effectively as pointers and retrievers. The Vizsla has grown in popularity in the United States since the 1930's. Since their rise in popularity, Vizsla lovers from all over the country have been looking for decor and gifts to display their affection. Our Vizsla gifts and merchandise items have an array of products that are sure to please any Vizsla owner. Our Vizsla shop offers many items including figurines, statues, key chains, signs, and more! Shop our Vizsla collectibles today!

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