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The Springer Spaniel is a gun/sporting dog that is believed to have originated in Great Britain. Their average height is 19 inches tall and weigh 35-45 lbs. They are a hard working dog that enjoys problem solving and regular exercise. Their soft coats and naturally wavy hair make the Springer Spaniel an exceptional show dog. They can be difficult to train, but with consistent positive training they prove to be quite intelligent. Their lifespan averages 12-14 years and are typically found in black/white and liver/white color patterns. Our Springer Spaniel merchandise collection properly illustrates the breeds colors, size, coat, and build. We offer popular collectible figurines/statues and hand made outdoor signs & ornaments. You can't go wrong with any of our Springer Spaniel gifts, merchandise items, accessories, & collectibles in our Springer Spaniel shop!

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