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For those who are not familiar with the Shiba Inu, the breed has been gaining popularity over the last five years. At Dog Lover Store we have carried Shiba Inu merchandise since the inception of our company. The Shiba is an ancient dog that originated in Asia many years ago, well known for being a smart, clean, and loyal dog, but can sometimes be stubborn. A firm hand and training from an early age is a must to ensure he/she obeys. The Shiba is a small to medium sized breed that has a strong compact frame. Their coat is thick and of medium length. The most common coat colors are red/tan or black/tan. The Shiba's back is strong with a well developed chest. Their head is wide and leads to a pointed muzzle. For all of your Shiba Inu gifts and merchandise items, browse our Shiba Inu shop collection. Our store includes socks, ornaments, figurines, and more! We are always adding collectibles & other items, so check back often!

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