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The Puggle (Pug + Beagle) is a new breed with history only dating back to the 1980's. 30+ years later, dog enthusiasts are starting to recognize this amazing breed. Their Popularity is on the rise and people are taking note of the breed. They are a breed that is not recognized by the AKC, UKC, or CKC, as a dog breed, rather a designer breed. Regardless of the historical and technical facts, the breed has adorable quality characteristics like all breeds! They are sweet, happy, loyal, energetic, and gentle breeds. Take one look at the Puggle and your heart will melt. All of our Puggle lovers know what we are talking about! Since you are on our Puggle shop page, you must be looking for Puggle gifts and merchandise. Shop our growing collection of products that include figurines, ornaments, stationery items, signs, stocking holders, and foot wear! We promise you will be happy with any product you choose!