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The Poodle is recognized as one of the top three smartest dog breeds. Their level of intelligence is unmatched. They have an ability to learn and retain commands quickly, a trait that many breeds can't do without constant repetition. Not only is the Poodle intelligent, they are beautiful, faithful, and active dogs. It isn't a surprise the Poodle is loved and praised all over the world. The Poodle gifts and merchandise collection before you has been a work in progress for over 10 years. We have sourced Poodle decor for your home, yard, car, and more! Our collectibles feature keychains, Poodle figurines/statues, ornaments, and more. Our Poodle shop includes merchandise in apricot, black, brown, gray, and white colors. Our decor also offers the standard and sport cut coats. With over 40 gift lines available, it is impossible to not find the right Poodle products and items at Dog Lover Store!

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