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The English Pointer, better know as the Pointer, received it's name from being able to "point" where hares were, to allow Greyhound's to capture them. Over the years, the Pointer was bred to point out game for hunters. Pointers have high levels of energy and require regular exercise. Their temperament is great for hunting as well as companionship. Over time, the dog has become a great choice for people who enjoy exercising and are active. Their temperament is considered to be even and show high levels of loyalty and affection. Since it's inception, more and more dog enthusiasts have found the breed to be an amazing family dog. As this evolution happened, dog lovers searched for the perfect collection of English Pointer gifts and merchandise. Our gifts collection offers various sized figurines, ornaments, stickers, and key chains. The collection is always growing as we find new merchandise for the breed so be sure to check back often!

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