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If you are looking for a dog that is great with children, the Pekingese should be near the top of your list. The ancient Pekingese is exceptional with children. They require low amounts of exercise which is a plus for a family that is busy. The Pekingese can be stubborn and tough to train, but with proper positive training, they can learn like any other dog. The breed originated from Peking China. They are known as an ancient breed. DNA studies have confirmed their origin to be as far back as the mid 1800's and are deviated least from the wolf. Their toy breed size and innocent mannerisms make this dog one of the cutest! Pekingese groups and fan bases have grown over time, making the breed a rare and desirable one. Our Pekingese gifts and merchandise collection has grown to offer a variety of unique gifts. Our Pekingese items are offered in 5 color patterns and over 20 gift lines. Our decor ranges from socks, figurines/statues, ornaments, signs, & many other great Pekingese collectibles!.

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