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The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a terrier dog created from crossing Bulldogs with terriers. Their build is of medium size but broad and thick. Their temperament can be stubborn and aggressive with other dogs. Proper training is necessary to maintain a happy environment. Despite what people/media think about Staffordshire Bull Terriers, at Dog Lover Store we know the truth about them. With proper training, they are gentle and loving companions. We know you love them too since you are shopping on our Staffordshire Bull Terrier gifts & merchandise page. You are either a Staffordshire dog owner, or know someone who is. We offer all 6 major color patterns, including cropped and uncropped ears in our Staffordshire Bull Terrier shop. Browse our selection of gifts, ornaments, Staffordshire dog figurines, and other items. Let us know if you would like to see a specific product added to our collection. You are viewing our Staffordshire Bull Terrier merchandise products. If you are looking for the Bull Terrier collection you can find it by clicking here: Bull Terrier Gifts & Merchandise

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