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The Bull Mastiff is a dog that I like to describe as contradicting. Their appearance may lead others to believe they are aggressive, but it is usually the opposite. The Bull Mastiff is well known for it's mild temperament and is even keeled. They are one of the most loyal dog breeds and will always show affection and protect it's owners. Some words to describe the Bull Mastiff include loving, loyal, calm, stubborn, and strong. They came from the United Kingdom and was bred in the 1900's for game keepers who wanted to guard their estates. You will notice many similarities between the Bull Mastiff, English Mastiff, and the extinct Old English Bulldog as both breeds were bloodlines for the Bull Mastiff. If you are a Bull Mastiff lover you can't go wrong with our continuously growing collection of Bull Mastiff gifts. We have outdoor items like planters as well as indoor decor gifts like Bull Mastiff figurines, pens, ornaments, & more. If you know of or have seen other Bull Mastiff gifts that you'd like us to carry, drop us an email in our contact form.

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