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The Lhasa Apso Gray figurine consists of various shadings of gray and white. The tail and chest are white. The sides of the stomach, back, and head are gray in color. The face contains the darkest shade of gray, especially around the muzzle. The mouth is open showing the small tongue.

Our Lhasa Apso gray figurine is slightly longer than tall matching the actual breed’s dimensions. They are also short and low to the ground lending to the breed’s balance.

The coat is thick, long, and straight. The entire breed is evenly covered in hair but hangs lowest around the bottom of the figurine, tail, and face. A part is visible in the center of the head, and the center of the muzzle as well.

  • Approx. Size: 4" to 5" in the longest direction
  • The average litter for a dog breed is eight, the Afghan Hound’s litter is fifteen puppies


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