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Lhasa Apso Hand Painted Collectible Dog Figurine Brown


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The Lhasa Apso brown contains shades of brown, white, and black. Black covers the face while brown covers the top and sides of the head. Lighter shades of brown flow from the head down the back and onto the sides of the figurine. The tail and chest are covered in white.

The build matches the standard Lhasa Apso dimensions. The length is slightly longer than the height giving the breed a low to the ground stance but well balanced.

Coat is made up of long, straight, and dense hair. It covers the entire figurine and is most prominent around the bottom of the figurine, the face, and tail.

  • Approx. Size: 4" to 5" in the longest direction
  • The average litter for a dog breed is eight, the Afghan Hound’s litter is fifteen puppies


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