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The Papillon toy dog breed is unique and cute primarily due to their small size and large ears. Their height ranges from 8-11 inches while their weight varies anywhere from 4-9 lbs. Their name translates to “butterfly” in French which was characterized by the shape of the dog’s ears. Despite the Papillon’s small dimensions and cute references, the Papillon truly is the definition of a “big dog in little dog’s body” syndrome. Their confidence and tendency to bark will get them in trouble quite often if not properly trained. They’re affectionate, adaptable, intelligent, trainable, sociable, great with strangers, and make a great watchdog. The origins of the Papillon are unclear. Many believe they have ancestry with the Bichon Frise and other small spaniels from Europe in the 17th century. Many toy breeds are faulted for a lack of affection during pregnancy. The Papillon does not have this issue and are quite affectionate to their puppies and family members. Return that affection with our Papillon dog gifts and merchandise. Our products are offered in black/white, brown/white, and tri-color patterns. We offer a variety of Papillon decorations like Christmas ornaments, leash hooks, figurines, statues, and more. Find all your Papillon decor and items at Dog Lover Store!