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The Maltese is a well known dog belonging to the toy group. This cute all white dog is not only one of the most adorable breeds, they also have one of the most exciting and unique temperaments. The Maltese has created a fond following over it’s long history. Primarily because of the breed’s ability to melt your heart. They are small in size but their love and devotion is massive. They are a perfect companion dog for any family or person. Their cute fluffy white coat is truly a precious thing to see. They are a fearless dog (like many small breeds) with high levels of trust, affection, and a gentle touch. Our Maltese gifts and merchandise tries to mimic the Maltese breed. Our collection of Maltese decor is not huge, but each gift has been carefully sourced and will melt your heart. Our items range from our cute pink collars to, ornaments, and our life like Maltese statues. You can count on Dog Lover Store for your Maltese dog gifts and collectibles! We hope you like our Maltese shop!