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Known for their gorgeous silver, black, and gray coat, the Keeshond is one beautiful breed. They are one of the only dog breeds bred for reasons outside of hunting. Keeshonds are easy to train, and interact well with children. This breed will love and spend time with the whole family. Many breeds stick to one master, but not this breed! Keeshonds show affection to everyone in the home. Their level of intelligence is a 9/10 which is instantly noticeable. Create some challenges for them and watch them go to work! The only thing the Keeshond doesn’t have going for it, is popularity. But regardless of it’s popularity, there is a Keeshond following out there. At Dog Lover Store we know it exists! This is why we have created our Keeshond gifts and merchandise collection. Similar to the breed, our gifts are quality. From our Keeshond figurines, to keychains, socks, stickers, and ornaments, we have our most popular gifts available for the Keeshond!